Christopher guides towards Source-Realization, directing into the truth and freedom that is always, already, present within the heart of each beings nature. 

In his early life he had number of distinct childhood insights. Then, after a number of life challenges, and an intense seeking for freedom, he had his first noticeable enlightenment experience at age 21. Whilst sat in a church yard, he had a direct experience of ‘personally’ disappearing and merging with all-that-is. This change permanently stayed and he found himself in a state of perpetual peace, freedom and blissfulness thereafter. After this shift, Christopher continued to deepen in ‘awareness’ through allowance of whatever the present moment brought. Surrendering deeper and deeper into the flow of existence, he discovered that all forms of unhappiness were immediately dissolved and transcended in the total allowance of all life’s circumstances and experiences.  

At this time, he found that people would, spontaneously, gravitate towards him to share their personal life difficulties. This is where he discovered that he had an ability to help guide people back to a place of inner peace and contentment. Since this time up to the present date, Christopher has been diligently refining his guidance into concise teachings for instant effect, making them practical and relate-able to anyone, from any background, spiritual or secular, old or young, or on the progressive or instantaneous paths of source-realization. It is his true joy to share this message of freedom. 

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A free, balanced, peaceful, ecstatic world without fixed limits, borders or boundaries.

Christopher’s aim is to help create a Utopian society of enlightened beings, that will radically change our world for the better. A sustainable world free from poverty and violence, where everyone works together for the benefit of the individual and collectives greater evolution. By starting from within each being, we can truly create heaven on earth.

"All that makes us feel pleasant or unpleasant, which limits or binds our mind, all begins and ends within us. If we are happy or unhappy, it is our doing. If we feel limited or unlimited, it is our choice. You are at the cause of how you experience and shape your life" - Christopher Jai Smith

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