One On One With Christopher

Christopher is busy making free material every single day, and so he only has one main criteria before working with people – Are you on the path of Self-Realization or Life-Actualization? Or wish to be?

Christopher prefers to work only with those who are dedicated to either of these paths. He defines Self-Realization as the path towards awakening to our true core nature, and Life-Actualization as the path towards fulfilling our true life’s potential.

He asks, that you make a commitment towards either, or both, before deciding to work with him.

If that’s you, then he would be absolutely honored to work with you!


Christopher can work with you either via skype video call or facebook video call. 

Simply purchase the session below, and you will receive an email from Christopher asking about your specific aim for the session. A time will then be arranged to suit both of you, and then you can look forward to your session together. 

Alternatively, if you are in the UK, or visiting, then he highly recommends coming to stay with him at his home for a few days (which he makes more affordable than the One To One Sessions). Click the link here for more information. 

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